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Ciao! My name is Luna, and I am the founder of LovEat.
Food has always played a main role in my life. To me, it’s the most essential form of nourishment. I’ve been cooking since I was 11 years old, all thanks to my amazing mother and grandmother. 
Growing up on the Pugliese coast, in Southern Italy, I was exposed to the wealth of the Mediterranean diet from a young age. Surrounded by fish, grains, and superfoods, like fresh extra virgin olive oil, I quickly fell in love with holistic nutrition. I channeled this into the kitchen, always cooking for my family, friends, and even large parties.
No matter the occasion, I loved every second of cooking. Why? Because food is medicine. Home cooked food made with powerful ingredients (from spices to organic vegetables) makes everyone feel stronger. It’s no wonder people from my hometown lived so long - they all ate nutrient-rich ingredients, every day.
So, when I had my first child, I realized how important it was to provide myself and my son the best nourishment. All the meal kits and other speedy meal options lacked the nutrients we both needed. Just a few days after returning from the hospital, I jumped right back in the kitchen, cooking food for my family that would give my son the nourishment he needed to grow.
This is all at the heart of LovEat, a mission to provide everyone with nourishing meals with ingredients that empower our lives. No hidden ingredients or preservatives. Just real food that’s safe for both kids and adults to eat!
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