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Fresh Meal Prep Delivery

We offer meals that make healthy eating a breeze. Let us take the guesswork out of meal prep and provide you with balanced, flavorful meals.


Healthy food delivery in Jersey City, Hoboken, Manhattan, and Vicinities.

LovEat brings Mediterranean-style healthy meals full of simple and nutritious ingredients, straight to your door. Just pick your favorite dishes and place your order by Sunday at 6 pm. On Wednesday, you’ll have fresh meals ready for pick-up or delivered to your door! We also offer a specially designed Kids menu, with deliveries on Monday and Wednesday, and catering services.
We are currently servicing NJ Hudson County including Jersey City and Hoboken, Manhattan and vicinities. If you live nearby these areas, please feel free to contact us to see if we can deliver to your area.


LovEat all began with an Italian woman’s goal of feeding her family the best quality Mediterranean-style food. When LovEat’s founder Luna had her first child, she couldn’t find any quick meals that offered the nutrients she and her son needed. So, she began experimenting in the kitchen, channeling her Italian roots to create food that’s healthy and balanced for everyone in her family to eat.

This all inspired LovEat, a mission to provide balanced meals that everyone in the family can enjoy, any meal of the week!
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