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When I became a mom I got to get a closer look at what kids eat in daycares and elementary schools and, honestly, I wasn't too happy with what I saw! Most of the meals offered couldn't provide a balanced diet and would rely instead on sugary ingredients and processed snacks that would fill the belly without really nurturing the body.  
Being aware of the importance of healthy and nutritious food for our body and mind's health and knowing how it
affects our ability to focus and learn, I decided to do something about it.
Our plant-forward, seasonal menus are conceived with the idea of providing our kids with balanced, diverse and delicious meals.
At LovEat we cook everything from scratch. In our kitchen, there is no processed food, no preservatives, no artificial flavoring.
Our food is naturally delicious and that's why our list of ingredients is short and transparent. 

Daycare Kids Meals in hoboken

Join Us in Nourishing Young Minds

Give the children in your daycare the gift of wholesome meals that fuel their growth and well-being. Partner with LovEat and watch the smiles light up their faces with each delectable bite.

Invest in Their Health. Nurture Their Potential. Choose LovEat.

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